Donated, but not given a code, and wasn't asked for contact info


I placed a donation via credit card a few minutes ago, but was never prompted for an email address or other form of contact information. After processing the payment, is just stated “Your payment was successful!!”. I had expected a code to be generated, but as it never asked for an email or anything, I do not know how I will receive it. I have a screenshot of the payment, and can provide the payment info for verification.

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Well I see now there’s a different way to donate and get a supporter certificate that I wasn’t aware of prior to this, not sure how I missed it, my apology. Is it possible to for support staff to issue me a supporter certificate after verifying the donation as that was my intention? The amount of my donation does qualify for the supporter certificate, and with respects I’d prefer not to donate again, or cancel the CC transaction and go through the other page.

Thanks for your time, I await your reply.

@SailReal Please look into this. @akeyla has done a favor by donating. Can you do something for her?

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Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Just sent you a direct message.


Thank you so much for you help, and your hard work on this program, it’s fantastic.


Have you received the code? @SailReal is one of the most active members of this discussion forum.

I did yes, thanks again.