Dokany shows Capacity/ free Storage of C: Drive?

I have been googling about the issue of the virtual drive showing the size of the C: drive on windows using WebDAV, but why does it happen to me with Dokany too?

Latest Cryptomator version along with latest Dokany version (updated manually).

Can you please check and name the dokany version you have installed? Maybe there’s an issue with the installation and Cryptomator switches back to WebDAV when mounting the vault. along with Cryptomator 1.4.15. The default version of Dokany that was installed along with Cryptomator (1.3.0) was behaving in the same way.

I am trying to use it in combination with Google Drive and now that I think about it more, the sync folder itself is located on the C: drive, could that be the reason Dokany thinks the drive capacity is that of the C: drive? Any way to get around this?

Yes, that must be the reason. If your vault is located on drive X:, then you can only use the amount of free storage of X: for storing data in your vault.

If you use the standard “BackUp & Sync” software of Google, this is also how it shoud be to prevent any errors.
If you use “Google Drive File Stream”, it hast its own volume and therefore its own storage capacity.

A workaround is to give the vault its own volume.

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Seperate volume for GDrive helped. Thank you :slight_smile: