Dokany doesn't work

If i use Dokany, after a little, the disk it creates gets named “Local Disk” and i cant access it.

WebDAV works a little more consistently but not perfect either. It sometimes disappears and its quite slow (30mb/s)

Any suggestions? I have tried different versions of Dokany and Cryptomator 1.5.3, 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 versions.

Which dokany version do you have installed? If not the latest, does updating it solve you issue?

Please always use, if possible, the latest version of Cryptomator since it contains Bugfixes. (here it is 1.5.5)

Apart from that, are you putting your vaul under “heavy load”, i.e. do a lot of read/write operations? Are you sending your Computer to standby/hibernation while the vault is opened?

I have tried the one that comes with Cryptomator and also the latest one

Doesn’t matter if it’s under heavy load. When i have just opened my PC, it might work for 5 minutes or 30 minutes without doing anything. Same goes after using my PC for a while. Only after a restart of my PC it might work for 30 minutes again. After the first “disappearance” it doesn’t work without restarting.

Not doing this.

When it happens, are there any messages inside the log of Cryptomator? (i.e. WARNings, ERRORs or Exceptions)

The slowness is expected. What I don’t understand is, that even WebDAV (which is the older Vault system integration technique) does not work stable.

After I thought Cryptomator didn’t work on my PC, I downloaded VeraCrypt and encrypted files using it. Now that i have been using VeraCrypt for 2 days, it looks like Cryptomator Dokany also works.

If something that isn’t supposed to happen, i’ll report back here. Just wanted to give a little update.

EDIT: see other reply

It just happened after writing my other reply. No messages in the log file. It just says that the unlock succeeded and nothing after that. When i lock it, it says the normal thing: Unmount and shutdown F:\

After locking it manually because i cant access it, it keeps showing this: Annotation 2020-06-18 171444 This only goes away by restarting my PC.