Doesn't open files in windows 11

Help please, I installed the latest version of cryptomator in windows 11, created a new directory and uploaded video files there. Windows Explorer sees the files, but when you try to open them, an error occurs and the player does not open them.

Can you please specify the error.
Error message?
Or a log file?

These do not look like Cryptomator log files.
Assuming you are using WebDAV as vault volume type, I suggest to switch to dokany or WinFSP.
WebDAV cannot handle large files (greater 4GB).

After you have installed one of these 3rd party filesystems, reopen Cryptomator, close all vaults, go to settings and switch the type in the second tab.

I installed dokany, WinFSP, but nothing helped, it looks like Cryptomator doesn’t work on windows 11. Is there a similar program on windows 11 like Cryptomator?

@sergeyan Installing WinFSP or Dokany is not enough, you also need to select one of those in the general preferences, virtual volume tab.

WinFSP is Windows 11 ready, see See also this github discussion:

For using WinFSP, see WinFSP: How to use it.

Thanks with WinFSP with Windows 11 works great!