Does Cryptomator use iCloud via Dropbox?

After installing Dropbox and then Cryptomator on an iPhone, I am a little confused to see a toggle button for Dropbox under iOS > Settings > Apple ID > iCloud.

What does Dropbox use iCloud for? I have asked the same question to the Dropbox Community and before replying there, I’d like to know if Cryptomator needs to use iCloud (via Dropbox).

Version 1 (Cryptomator Classic for iOS) had its own toggle button for iCloud…

In general, I don’t like it that various apps show up in iCloud without any indication what they are using the cloud-computing service from Apple for and what the consequence of turning off the service might be.

This toggle is because you have installed Dropbox. Cryptomator does not need to have Dropbox installed, even if you want to use it with Dropbox, as you create the connection to Dropbox in Cryptomator settings.

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Another observation I made is that Dropbox is a possible location in the Files app. I guess that Dropbox has added itself there, because as you say, Cryptomator does not need to have Dropbox installed.