Does Cryptomator make use of CoW in file systems like BTRFS, ZFS, or similar?

I have Cryptomator working on a BTRFS file system. Just to clarify, this is a CoW (copy on write) file system, meaning basically that when you copy a file within the same file system, data won’t be duplicated; there will just be additional references to the same data extent.

The decrypted vault is mounted automatically with default options with the cryptomator desktop app.

I see that when I copy files within my vault, the data is duplicated.

Is there any options I should set or any way I can take advantage of the underlying CoW file system?

Copying files is the simplest case to take advantage of CoW. But a more insteresting case is data deduplication, in which I can search for duplicate data extents (usually the same file, and sometimes very similar files) and save plenty of space by letting BTRFS reference twice to the same data extent.