Does cryptomator download every file in a vault that's stored on the cloud?

Hi there!
Windows has background download notifications for apps installed and I’ve noticed whenever I unlock my vault which resides in a cloud, the “cryptomator is downloading files” notifications keep going on (presumably until all the contents have been downloaded).
Is this intended behaviour? I can forsee an issue where if my PC doesn’t have enough space I can’t use my cryptomator vault as it’ll try to download all the files and not just the ones I’ll use.

What cloud storage are you using?

What software/method are you using to connect to that cloud storage?

Unlocking the vault should not cause all files to download. I’ve never seen it happen to me, and I create my vaults in the cloud. Both Google, and Onedrive.

Using onedrive although I am not aware of all system processes accessing the unlocked vault. Any tips to figure that out? Then I’ll know what’s happening (because i presume something is constantly trying to access all files in the vault.

You can try using Windows Sysinternals process explorer.

Didn’t know about this, will try it out and update you guys!

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Sysinternals has been around for decades. MS eventually bought the company.

Good luck.