Does Cryptomator download all data for decrypting?


Ok, this may seem to be a stupid question but I’m not fully into cryptography.

My question is basically if Cryptomator downloads all data regardless if I open a file or not.

My scenario is as follows:

  • I want to upload a folder from my local machine to my cloud storage provider
  • I want to include this folder on other devices low on storage
  • the other devices should download the files only when I try to open them

Everything is working with Cryptomator but I’m not sure if I will quickly run out of space on the said devices. The cloud storage is included via WebDAV and SSHFS currently.


It depends on the device.
If you are using the android or iPhone app, then the answer is no. Only the files you want to read are downloaded for decryption

If you use a desctop app, then it depends also.
If you are using Cyberduck as 3rd party app for direct accessing you vault, then the files are downloaded and decrypted on demand.
If you are not using a 3rd party app and store your decrypted files in Cryptomator WebDAV network drive, then you’ll have to use the sync client of your Storage provider to sync the encrypted files to the online storage. In that case obviously all the encrypted files are always on your device as well.


Hi Michael,

thanks for your reply! To see all the different options was really helpful.

And thanks for pointing to Cyberduck! This seems my way to go.