Do you recommend using Cryptomator to encrypt photos?

I have more than 38 gigabytes of files in photography, and I would like to encrypt them and then upload them to Google drive, and in the case of a google service, I want you to know nothing or little about me (and any cloud service), I just want to know if it is practical, because I really value my privacy very much, so much so that my only backups of my files are 2 hdd disks (photographs and others), but my current circumstances force me to seek accessibility to all my files from any device (synchronization with the cloud), I just want to know if it is practical and efficient to encrypt my photos, although I think I am exaggerating in encrypting all my personal data, I have a paranoia with encrypting all my data and with privacy, what do you think, Is what I’m trying to do okay or am I exaggerating? although with the passage of time my photos will increase, or should I only use Cryptomator to encrypt my really important information?.

Excuse me for my English, I do not master this language.