Displaying thumbnails on mobile / Eagle repository performance issues / Looking to add recycle bin

I used deepl translation, which may have inaccurate parts and very strange parts.
Background:I mainly use Windows 11 Like to apply encryption to images, repositories (Eagle) in this area. Here are the problems I have encountered.

  1. i would like to be able to show thumbnails after decrypting on android and ios and add a preview list of files suitable for viewing. This would be more convenient for scenarios where encryption is used with removable drives. I don’t want to use bitlocker because then I can’t utilize mobile and iOS to open it.
  2. when I try to encrypt my Eagle repository (Eagle is a picture viewing software, I think it works very well), the performance is not good and laggy, no matter winfsp or webdav, I think the main reason is caused by the extremely large number of folders in the image (my personal repository has hundreds of thousands of pictures, and Eagle’s folder structure is to build one folder per picture in the image folder) (I have hundreds of thousands of images in my personal repository, and Eagle’s folder structure is to build one folder per image within the image folder)… I’d like to address this aspect of performance if possible. Because I was planning to encrypt my Eagle repositories into onedrive, and this performance issue made me give up.
  3. Honestly this program is one of the best encryption programs I’ve ever had, even though it doesn’t feel like it’s been updated as often as it should have been recently, and… . there doesn’t seem to be a recycle bin on the Windows side, but I quite like this program, and it fulfills my idea of a multi-platform encryption scenario. Still would like to add a convenient way to use the recycle bin if I could.