Directory access problems on shared folder/drive


I have my vault mounted to a directory “D:\MyVault” (WinFSP Local Drive) and the drive “D:” is shared on the network (SMB).

When I try to access the files from a different machine I get “Location is not available” error popups randomly. It can list the first level of directories (the vault root), but for some subdirs I get that error. It’s strange because some directories work all the time, but some fail nearly every time. I noticed that the directories with fewer items can be opened with a higher success rate. When I finally get into a dir (after trying 20 times) then I get “The directory name is invalid.” error when trying to open a file there or the same Location is not available error for subdirs…

I have seen that others have the same issue.
Unable to share Vault on local network when using WinFSP Local Drive

I’m assuming that the content listing for large folders takes so much time that the requestor pc does not get a response in time and just shows that the dir is not available.
Is there a way to make this work?

Thanks for the help!

So, am I guessing correct that in this configuration you have your Vault files exposed over the SMB share?

Any chance you can share the encrypted vault over SMB and then install cryptomator on the other machine and access the Vault that way?

If you can map a drive from a different PC to yours, BUT you CANNOT install the Cryptomator software on the other machine, you can always use the portable version. I just tested it for proof of concept and it works just fine. There are two versions of the portable software and one is an executable that actually tries to install on the other computer I don’t know why and the second one is a 7 zip file and that is the one I downloaded and put on a flash drive.

I downloaded this version: cryptomator-portable-win64-1.9.1-12.7z

The software I downloaded from Cryptomator portable.

I expanded the files to a folder on the flash drive (Using 7-zip software) and now I could carry that flash drive around with me at the office and so long as I can map a drive to my PC at the office or in this case your PC in the office you can always put the flash drive in the USB port and run the portable version of the software over to your computer and it will work a lot better and you won’t be leaving your files unencrypted all the time and shared over SMB. It does not appear that anything gets installed on that other machine.

if you want to be completely portable, put a utility on the flash drive called Rclone.

You can put Rclone on and map a drive letter or a mount point to your PC without needing to configure anything in Windows. You’ll create an Rclone config on the flash drive that you run when you need to.

Rclone has no installation either. You run the mount command and then you close the command prompt and everything goes away.

i will refrain from going into further detail unless you are interested in learning.