Direct Webdav access on Linux KDE

I want to store my vault in a Nextcloud instance. I use the Nextcloud client to sync several unencrypted files which works really well. But I don’t want to sync my vault. I just want to access it directly on the server whenever I need to. Therefore I wanted to directly access my Nextcloud server using Webdav.
I am on Open SUSE Linux KDE and I have installed dav2fs to mount Webdav and than access the server in Cryptomator through my mount point. But this is very slow (read: creating 30 folders without contents took like 5 minutes)
When I don’t mount Webdav but access it directly in Dolphin by entering the URL, everything works as fast as expected. But I’m not able to access Webdav in Cryptomator this way because it uses GTK file picker instead of the KDE file picker.

So my question is:
How can I create and use a vault located on the server and accessed by Webdav directly in Cryptomator?

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same Q here.
where’s the support?

That’s not possible as the app does not connect to any service directly.