Development tools and environment


what development tools and environement are needed to compile Cryptomator, and is there a description available for this?

Compiling for OS: Windows 10 and Android



For Cryptomator 1.3, see Build with eclipse or netbeans. Use the latest JDK 8 version and you shouldn’t have to bother with JCE.

For Cryptomator 1.4, we switched from Eclipse to IntelliJ IDEA because the JDK 9 compatible versions of Eclipse contain changes to the compiler that didn’t get along with code generated by Dagger. Could be fixed in the meantime though but I haven’t tried it. I think you can’t download JDK 9 anymore but JDK 10 works fine, too.

Cryptomator for Android is not fully open-source, so you can’t build it from source.


What part is not open sourced?


The UI and cloud storage backend interfaces. Currently, just the encryption code is open sourced.


Thanks for the prompt response.

Btw I have a question pertaining to account authorization. Permission a user grant to cryptomator to access his/her cloud account. Is it a local permission restricted to that specific app installation or a global permission?


Only for that specific device. We can not sync authorization grants, as they are handled by the the third party service (dropbox, onedrive, etc).


Thanks for clarifying that up, on risk of sounding noob and naive the reason i asked that specific question was in regards to ES explorer. I wanted to understand if using it as a cloud manager for normal stuff is safe. Considering its Chinese and closed source and also gets authority to access my whole drive once I authorized it. What are your thoughts , do u have any recommendation or any app u personally prefer for such cloud management.