Desktop app won't open

Hello. When I try to open Cryptomator, it seems to hang. It shows up in task manager, but no window or system tray icon appears. The app has worked before and I’ve tried deleting %appdata%\Cryptomator, but it didn’t help.

All that’s in the appdata folder now is cryptomator0.log, cryptomator1.log, ipc.socket, and upgrade.log
Everything except cryptomator0.log is empty.

Apparently I can’t upload files, so here is cryptomator0.log:

I am using Windows 11 Pro 22H2 build 22623.1037 (Beta).

Hallo Fayne,
it looks like I have the same problem. I start the app but no window appears. A soloution in my case is opening the app with admin rights.
Best, Sean

Unfortunately, running as admin doesn’t work for me. :confused:

I fixed my issue. Apparently my PATH was too long.