Deletion of local file after uploading & linking a folder for automatic uploading

I am still reviewing the app and so far it looks best defense against lousy encryption provided from cloud service providers. Who basically coerce users into giving up their privacy in exchange for the service. So I really am very glad that you guys took time to do something about it. Thank You!

Now coming to the feature - Is it possible to have an option to delete or shred the file from local system after the desired file is uploaded on cloud automatically. I mean yeah one can manually perform the deletion but if it happens automatically that would be a convenient and save time…more importantly it will prevent accidental leaving file exposed if that’s what end user doesnt wish.

Also, is it possible to mark a folder for automatic uploading as well . For example if I mark my camera folder and click a new image it gets uploading to my encrypted cloud vault automatically. Is it feasible, Sir?

That’s not possible since Cryptomator doesn’t have ownership of a file that is being uploaded.

We have an open feature request for that but haven’t scheduled it yet:

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Got your point in that case …is it possible to have a notifcation variable being populated with files location after their successful upload so that one can use tasker to perform deletion …just a thought