Deleting "unnecessary" files created by Cryptomator. Are they needed?

Hi there!
Out of all these files I only need the .jpg one to be left. Can I delete other files and folders seen on the screenshot? Or are they needed for encryption?


The jpg file is the one that is wrong here.
Do not store, delete or move anything within the folder and subfolder where your vault.cryptomator file is. This is your encrypted vault. These are the files you want to sync with your online storage so they are uploaded. If you place your unencrypted files here, they will not be encrypted.

Please read this: Setup — Cryptomator 1.6.0 documentation

Hi mate! The page you provided doesn’t exist. So which folder should I be uploading my files to?
I create a folder in Cryptomator, then upload files to that folder in Pcloud. Is there another process?


@gorkymaxxx The above link might not work, but you might want to read the android section of our docs, especially how to work with vaults:

Up to now you cannot access the vault files from a file manager on Android, you need to share files from Cryptomator with other apps or the other way round to add them to the vault.

Yes, the last „setup“ was missing in my post. Sorry. Thanks for reposting the correct link.

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