Deleting a vault when the location is 'This PC'

I created a new vault and selected This PC as the location. It shows up as a hard drive partition along with my C drive. I don’t need or want this vault anymore (I created it for an unrelated experiment that failed). Since it isn’t a folder that I can just delete, how do I remove it?


Please have a look in explorer and search under „This PC“ for a folder that is named as your vault. In this folder there are files called „Masterkey.xxxx“ and a subfolder called „d“. The folder named as your vault is your vault and you can delete it.
To remove the vault from the vault list in Cryptomator, just use the „v„ symbol right to the vault, or right click the vault name in your list, and select „remove“.

@Michael When I navigate to This PC > vault, I only see one file inside the ‘folder’, which is “WELCOME.rtf”. This is what’s tripping me up - in the past when I’ve created cryptomator vaults, they did contain the file, but this one doesn’t. I think it’s because I didn’t set the vault to be created inside a folder - I set it to be created under This PC, because my experiment was to see if the cryptomator vault could basically act as a new drive partition.

The “WELCOME.rtf” file is a file IN your vault.
If you just selected “This PC” when creating a vault, the vault is placed in your windows user root directory.
For example:“C:\Users\ [MyUserName] \ [MyVaultName]”
You have to delete the folder “MyVaultName”

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It worked! I’ll keep this in mind if I ever use “This PC” as a location again. Thanks!

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