Deleted vault files how to restore

So I had a cryptomator folder on my desktop. When I went into the cryptomator program I could then go on the “desktop stuff” vault and open it where it said “unlock”. I can no longer do this. I deleted this folder called desktop stuff which was on my desktop and since then I can no longer access this vault. I had information on there I had no backed up for a week or two. How do I solve this problem of getting back into this vault. Once I deleted the folder from my desktop i deleted it from the recycle bin too.

Please see attached link to see what I am talking about. I have tried using a restore point but that does not seem to work.

If you have deleted your cryptomator vault (the mentioned folder), and emptied the recycle bin, and if you do not have a backup, I’m afraid there’s nothing much you can do. You can try and use file recovery tools and hopes and prayers that one of those tools can restore every encrypted file and folder of your vault, but I would not expect a sufficient result. If the used space on your hd was overwritten in the meantime, then you can’t restore them anymore. At least not without professional tools/supplieres.

Restoring to a specific system point will not help. This does only affect installed software, registry etc. but not files. (At least on windows)

What a disaster. What specific data recovery tool would you recommend in my case? Perhaps others have made the same mistake and were successful with their recovery. Most of the data were just important libre office documents but we’re some important videos I had recorded and apparently disk drill is suboptimal when trying to recover videos.

Sorry, don’t have a recommendation other than „Google“. I don’t have a single file without multiple backups.