Deep link for collaboration

When I work in a team setting and I want to share a vault with my team-mates, I need to be able to link to files. For example, I may want Slack: “I wrote a report in this file {deep-link-here}”. This is easy to do with Google Drive and Dropbox by copying a share link for any file or folder. On the receiving end, one only need to click on the link, for the right file to open. Is there a solution for this for a vault?

This is not possible with a cryptomator vault automatically. .
Because vaults are mounted on the local machine individually.
To make links work, you would have to make sure that on every machine that’s used by your team the vault is mounted with the same virtual drive letter or mountpoint path.

Well it might be possible by registering a custom url scheme with the OS and linking to cryptomator://{vault-id}/encrypted/path. If the given vault is in the recipient’s vault list, Cryptomator could ask to unlock. If unlocked, it could reveal the corresponding cleartext file.

@SailReal has already created a feature request for this. Feel free to upvote: