Decryption of single file or directory


from time to time ther are single files encrypted in my lost and found directory, or I get problens with one file during sync.

Is there a possibillity (tool or whatever) to decrypt them stand alone in order to get file name, position and content.

Thank for answers.

My idea for reading the file content: Create a dummy-file in the vault, identify the file (and folder) in the crypted vault (e.g. sort all files by date, the newest ist the dummy file), copy the file in the crypted folder, copy crypted name of the dummy file, delete the dummy file an rename the file (with name from dummy file), than you can read the content in the decrypted vault.

Just an idea of mine, no official way, I don’t know if that’s okay or if something can break.

I have no idea to find out original position or name, and you had find out the original filetype.

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No, there is no such tool.

If the file is still inside the vault structure, you can find out the encrypted name by the procedure @Rainer described. For the next bigger Cryptomator version (1.7.0 ), we plan to implement an
easier way.