Decryption and saving mode when vault is open

Does Cryptomator save the state of the vault at all times, including when it’s open and active, similarly to VeraCrypt?

VeraCrypt docs indicate that the vaults are safe at all times, and the files are being decrypted on the file in memory during reading, so even if the system crashes or there’s a power outage, the files are safe. Is that so in Cryptomator?


Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slight_smile:,

That is not a well defined question. What do you mean with “state of the vault”?

I can only say that, like VeraCrypt, Cryptomator en-/decrypts your files on the fly, meaning that only during the short time of saving a file to the harddrive it can be corrupted by system crash.

Thank you. Yes, that’s what I meant. Great!