Decrypted vault size mismatch (missing Content)

Hello Everyone,

I recently installed Cryptomator and was able to create a local vault on the D drive and then move 30 odd GB of content into it. I then locked the vault shutdown my PC.
The next time i booted up my PC i saw that everything in the folder i chose to be encrypted was having a disk space of 30 odd GB on the local drive i.e D. When i unlocked the vault however i saw that the size of the vault contents is only 1GB and most of the content is missing.
I tried removing the vault from the app and clicking on open vault and finding the master key and then unlocking the vault , but even in this case the vault contents are only 1GB and the rest are missing in the vault but however encrypted in the local disk

Can someone please help me with what i can do to retrieve the missing content or point out any mistake i may have done during this procedure

Thank you!