Debian 11, Cryptomator 1.6.8, problems with webdav

I am currently trying to connect Cryptomator to a cloud drive under debian 11. Provider is Strato. Used protocol webdav.
Mounting the drive with webdav in the file manager Dolphin works. But in the address line in Dolphin there is no mountpoint, but the webdavs://… Address.
Cryptomator is configured as follows:

Drive type: webdav
webdav-port: 42427 (no idea where the port comes from, maybe default?)
wevdav-scheme: webdav:// (KDE, Dolphin…)

When I click on “add vault”, I can only browse the filesystem but not enter a webdav address. If I select the bookmark saved in Dolphin for mounting, the selection dialog crashes every time.


Is there anybody out there, who has the same problem?
Can someone help me to solve the Problem?

Thanks PilotPirx

Cryptomator needs a locally accessible file system, given by a standard filesystem path. I don’t know how dolphin mounts the webdav storage, but on GNOME and file manager Nautilus GVFS is used and also this does not work with Cryptomator.

You need a deeper system integration, such that the cloud storage can also accessed using standard system paths. The tool davfs2 provides such functionality.