Data loss - after re-assign password

Hi! I created a vault with Cryptomator 1.4.5 on a Mac, used it with the iOS app, and opened it with Cryptomator 1.4.5 on a different Mac. I was asked to re-assign a password. I entered the old password. After that my vault was empty. In the directory I still see the encrypted data - but I can not open it anymore. How can I get back to my data? I know the password. Please help me! - By the way, which I noticed only a day later: the ios-App Numbers lists “masterkey” in the Numbers history.

This should not happen. Cryptomator doesn’t ask to re-assign the password. And if it does, it sounds like a major bug. The way you describe it, it sounds like that your old masterkey has been replaced, which should again not happen. Are you using iCloud Drive as your cloud storage? If yes, please go to and then “Restore Files” at the bottom. If not, other cloud storage services have similar functionality. Is there a masterkey file that you could restore?

Thanks for the tip! Unfortunately there is no file to restore in iCloud Drive. But i found a copy of the vault in which was a backup of a masterkey. With this I was able to decode the vault. :slight_smile:

I will keep watching.

I wonder why Pages and Keynote on iOS show the masterkey file in the document history. There is a risk that the files will be damaged when opened?!!!