Data curruption with Excel (MacOS)

Cryptomator 1.12.0
FUST-T 1.0.34
Mac Mini M2 Pro 14.3.1 and/or Macbook M2 14.3.1

Recently I’ve had an Excel file corrupted twice within the past month. Once with 1.11 and again with 1.12. Normally the file is ~57KB. When it has got corrupted it displayed as 2KB. At first I thought it was related to using the Android app and the Office file “workaround” but the second time I hadn’t used the Android app to access anything and I’m confident it is not related to the Android app.

My guess it is related to opening the file from the “pinned” and/or “recent” menu in Excel and opening the file from two different computers from the “pinned” and/or “recent” from Excel. It also seems like the corruption happens at file open. Excel shows an error that the file is corrupted when attempting to open and asks if I want to try to fix it. The fix then fails. When I look at my cloud provider file history to restore to the corrupted version, it only shows the 2KB version change time when I tried to open the file.

I’ve only seen this since either 1.10 or 1.11. But, it may be related to FUSE-T changes as well…but I haven’t updated FUSE-T in a long while. I had been using the same workflow for a while with no issues until the last month or so.