Custom value for shorteningThreshold setting

is there a way to set a custom value for the shorteningThreshold setting?
I want to use Cryptomator at work, but I have to deal with long mounting paths and max length restricted by Windows limit (~260). After doing some calculations, my ideal max path length would be around 100-150 max.
I found some posts to customize it, but for Vault Format 7 and not for the newest one.

I even tried to use the most recent version of Cryptomator “as-is”, but this led me to obvious missing files in the vault and strange file system (NTFS) corruption (tested on multiple systems and configurations).

Any suggestion?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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did you checked From 1.5.x to 1.6.x - Migrating filenameLengthLimit?

There you’ll find the formula to compute the decrypted filename length from the encrypted name. Just reverse the calculation and then set the value manually in the json. Of course, Cryptomator should not run during the modification (otherwise the settings will be overwritten).

Yes, I already have that post pinned in my browser :slight_smile:
Anyway, it talks about migration from Vault Format 7 to 8 … but I don’t need to migrate, I need to simply create a new empty Vault with a custom shorteningThreshold value with the latest version of Cryptomator.

Just ignore the migration part.
The mentioned post describes which steps to follow to limit the file name length, and other useful information. For example that this change is device specific.

I see, but the article focuses on maxCleartextFilenameLength: for me decrypted filename length is not the problem. The problem is only the encrypted filenames part: the path where I want to store the Vault is already very deep, something like “C:\my-company-name\my-factory-name\my-team-name\my-section-name\my-user-name\my-folder-name\my-cryptomator-name” … it’s because of this I was looking for a way to set a custom value in the shorteningThreshold setting, in order to keep under control the encrypted path depth.
For now I use a VeraCrypt volume with no problems, but it is getting bigger and bigger, and because I have the need to share it with other people I was trying to find an alternative.

The shortening threshold cannot be set manually currently and is fixed to 220 characters.

You can create a feature request on our issue tracker to adjust it during vault creation.

Thanks for the support :slight_smile: