Custom Mount Point directory changed/disabled when Cryptomator is shut down by Windows

Windows 10 (v1809 and v1903) x64, Cryptomator 1.4.15, Dokany x64

When choosing the (Dokany) option “Custom Mount Point” with a parameter like “D:\some\path”, the encrypted data can be accessed unencrypted via “D:\some\path”.

The folder “D:\some\path” has to be created beforehand. It’s just an empty folder.

As long as the vault is mounted, the Windows (file) Explorer shows the folder as a link (with a little arrow in the lower left corner).

When the vault is unmounted, it returns to being a bland folder icon.

When Windows is shut down/restarted while the vault is mounted, the folder stays a link. After the reboot Cryptomator is not able to mount the encrypted contents to the mount point and the error that the “Mount Point does not exist” (which is true).

I would have expected that Windows informs Cryptomator upon shut down and Cryptomator then to unmount all active mounts. Somehow this does not happen. It seems as if Cryptomator is forcefully closed, leaving the “link” instead of the folder behind.

The work around is to delete the “link”, recreate a folder with the same name and manually mount the folder in Cryptomator. Not a complicated thing, just time consuming (usually because I only realize that the mount failed when I try to access a file from the encrypted folder).
The other workaround would be thinking about the mount and unmounting it before any restart.

Is anybody experiencing the same problem or is it just me?

Thank you for reading.

Cryptomator 1.5.0 tries to better interact with the OS when receiving a quit request. We will publish a first alpha version within the next couple of days. Maybe you can share your experience regarding reboots then?

Related issue on GitHub:

I’d be more than happy to help, but I am not bright enough to compile the source myself. :slight_smile:
If you could provide the binary, that’d be great!