Cryptomator with MountainDuck

I want to use cryptomator without keeping a local copy. The vault will be on something like S3.

It seems cyber duck and mountainduck are the common ways that this is done with cryptomator.

Does anyone have experience with mountainduck? How well do does it work?

Hi Marc,
I am using MountainDuck on my Mac with Wasabi Cloud Storage (S3). Works like a charm. Just mount your Cloud Storage with MD as a drive und move files in or out. En-/Decryption works in the background. Using it for over 1 year without any issues.


Thank you good news!

How is the speed? For example, to list file names in a directory or edit a file in real-time etc.

That depends on your ISP speed, the size of the file and the number of files in a directory. I have no problems but of course it’s slower than working with a file on my local device (M1 Macbook). But I have no problems listing cloud directories with 200 files instantaneously and working real-time with Excel or Word files. Saving takes a second but it’s not slow at all. My ISP speed is 300/50 Mbps.
Hope this helps.

Edit: just moved a 700MB image from cloud storage to local ssd instantaneously (under 2 sec).

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Seems pretty fast. Faster than rclone mount.

Yes. I use rclone with the same Wasabi storage on my Linux laptop (Thinkpad T480 with an i7 and a Samsung 970 Evo Plus SSD) and it’s significantly slower.

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It seems MountainDuck and CyberDuck work only in windows or MacOS.

How to connect to providers such as S3 in Linux?

Yes, that’s correct. On Linux I use rclone. Mountainduck on the Mac (for convenience), but rclone would also work.

You mean using rclone crypt backend, or rclone to sync local cryptomator vault?

If you use rclone, then you don’t need cryptomator.