Cryptomator with Google Doc (gdoc) fomrat


I just purchased cryptomator for Android to work with my google docs on google drive. I just discovered after putting files into my encrypted folder on Windows that if I try to open google docs (gdoc format vs. MS Word) on my Android that the files won’t open. I have to download a file to the Android and then edit with MS Word for Android. That defeats the purpose of using cryptomator with google drive.

Is there a work-around for this? Even on Windows, opening a file in cryptomator results in a delay of 15 seconds or so before a browser window opens up with the document.

My workaround will be to convert them to Word and either re-upload as Word format to google drive, or use DropBox instead.

Any other thoughts?

Never used Google docs but afaik there is no way to export a .gdoc-file directly, or am I wrong? It will be always converted to .doc, .txt, .pdf etc. Even if I create a full export of my drive using the takeout function in google drive, all files are automatically changed to the .docx format.

Please correct me but I think it is not really intended to work outside of GoogleDrive with .gdoc files in general. Because of that, I see no other way like your described workaround using something like Word (format).