Cryptomator, vault on ONedrive, directory download time-consuming

created vault in OneDrive. approx. 150gb.
i can see the folder (x:\ drive) on desktop. I can browse through folders

BUT, I have a program, Everything Search Engine. It does searches of ALL file names. I added the x:\ drive to this.
now, cryptomator is downloading every dir.c9r file?
I can accept if it is a one time download, and then it just updates any changes, but if this is going to happen every time a directory change gets made, then it makes the combination of the “EVERYTHING” search engine, and the X:\ drive, useless.
will the same thing happen if using file exploreer to search for a file name?

any feedback on this is appreciated.

Cryptomator will request a file from the filesystem every time it is requested from the vault. So every time your indexing software is requesting a file in the vault, and everything this file is not local available, onedrive will download it.

So I guess in your case, if everything-search is doing a frequent indexing, then onedrive will not clear up space even you have „on demand“ active.
But this is just a guess as I do not work with this indexing software.

Out of curiosity: how do you search for files inside the vaults (in the decrypted files)?

Michael, thanks for reply.

example, for searching -
my medical file, Medical_History_abc.docx

it may be three folders deep, in the tree, somewhere on the computer.
I can NAVIGATE there if i need to.
BUT, Everything_Search_Engine (a free utility, it is great), indexes all files (just by file name, not by contents)

In EVERYTHING, see first screen shot, it shows you the everything index, has 1,400,000 files in directory. it has current OneDrive items indexed, and my c: and D: drives indexed (onedrive is indexed because it is a virtual c: folder, I guess)

then, i can type what i want to search with - “med his docx”, OR EVEN “his med docx”, everything is very flexible with what is typed, and can find the files that HAVE those strings in the name, even if i type them out of order

Now, the problem seems to be how this builds the index, or when i search, because that is when the DIR.C9r files start to get downloaded from OneDrive, for the cryptomator vault. I’d LIKE to have the cryptomator stuff in the index of everything, but due to this downloading constantly, i don’t believe it is giong to be possible.

BUT, the advantage of EVERYTHING over file explorer is tht it’s instantaneous (almost). it’s just looking for names, and if i use file explorer, have to figure out too many parameters, etc.
and using everything is actually easier than me going through my folders/subfolders, navigating.

To be honest: I don’t. Never had the need to search anything in my vaults.

michael, thanks for reply.
re: Searching - I survive by searching !
i have a 3d printer, i do lots of design projects (fusion 360, sketchup are used).
i do document maintenance for our homeowner association
etc, etc…
I organize these failrly well into folders/subfolders.

BUT, to quickly find something, it is much easier to search (especially with EVERYTHING since it is just file names) than to navigate

example - i made a 3d printed stand for my cell phone - named “galaxy-23-phone-stand”.

later, my grandson had an ipad, and wanted a stand for it.

so i quickly searched “phon stan”, and it found the phone stand, and i could click on the Fusion 360 file, directly in the everything directory, and it opened up that design file,andn i could edit it to adjust for the size of the ipad.

otherwise it would be d: → Images → Inventory → Phones → Galaxy → and find the file.

I USED to have a folder navigator that, if you hovered over the folder, and long-right-clicked, it started a dropdown menu system that you could just wade through with the mouse, and each subfolder would open up as you hovered over it. still, some of the directories are 100+ folders in them…

anyway, just a short history on why i need the search capability… (other reason is that i have too manyyyyyy filessssssss…) : - )

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I think I’m somewhere between you and @ACritterBlazesSnow :laughing:. I have a very well organized and hierarchical structure of folders (something equivalent to object-oriented programming, but used in the hierarchy of folders). 99% of the time I find files by folder hierarchy, but every now and then when I can’t find the file, I have to use the search.

I already used Everything in the past (excellent software!), then I started using only the google drive search (when I was using axcrypt), but obviously it doesn’t find the files encrypted by Criptomator. As I use mounted google drive folders, I’m going to test Everything and see if the behaviors described above are confirmed.

thanks for input !
and let us know what you find. I’d LOVE to find a way around the onedrive download deal-breaker for use of EVERYthing.
thanks again