Cryptomator vault not seen from microsoft office apps, please help

Hi everybody, just want to share with you a nasty problem I met using cryptomator vaults.
I created a vault where I stored some excel sheets among the others.
The vault is mapped to H:, see screenshot below:

Problem: drive H: is not seen from office excel app, as you can see from the screeshot below

I am using version 1.9.2.
The problem was non present using an older version, I do not remember the number.
Is anyone out there willing to fix it?
Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

What mount type are you using?

I just did the same from MS Word (MS 365 ver 2307) and I can see my Cryptomator 1.9.2 vault located in a Google Drive location just fine. It’s mapped as X:. My volume type in Cryptomator is WinFSP (Local Drive).

Hi, I am using onedrive as cloud provider and accepted default volume type from installation.

I’m also using OneDrive and it works OK on my system.
I’ve chosen a non-default drive letter, but I don’t think that affects how files are accessed.

I’m using Excel version 2307 Build 16.0.16626.20086 64-bit and Cryptomator v1.9.2 (msi-4510). A friend experienced a different kind of bug a couple months ago and we simply uninstalled and reinstalled Cryptomator and the problem disappeared after that. This might also be worth trying.

I’m using cryptomator 1.9.2 and excel 16.0.15529.20182.
Tried to re-install Office 365, but behaviour same as before.
By the way, do you know any alternative to Cryptomator?

I had the same problem and the solution is to use (jskang alredy mentioned) WinFSP (Local Drive).

I have Cryptomator v1.9.2, Win 11, Office 2021 with cryptomator vault mounted using WinFSP as a network drive. It works fine. I can see the cryptomator vault, I can open files, I can save new files without a problem.
It does not seem to be a Cryptomator problem as various people have reported it to be working. I assume you have done all the Windows problem solving like uninstalling and reinstalling Cryptomator and WinFSP, and reboot the computer etc.