Cryptomator vault can´t be created for Drive

Hello all,

I have problems with creating a vault on my Mailbox-org online drive via WebDav. I try to run through the vault creation process in the Desktop App and its possible to enter the path to my personal Mailbox-org Cloud Drive storage (I get a green “OK” for the entered path)

But at the very end of the process when I try to finish the vault creation I receive an error message.
Second screenshot, occured error message (the “real” error contained my correct name plus surname).

I checked the Cloud Drive storage and could found a new created folder but I cant finish the vault creation via Cryptomator Desktop app and therefore its not possible to use the vault.

Does somebody has a hint how it could work for Mailbox-org or does somebody has experience how I could finish the vault creation?

Thanks a lot in advance,

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face: ,

you stumbled over a known problem:

Your path contains a whitespace ( ), but it is in this case URL-encoded (whitespace replaced by %20). Cryptomator cannot determine, if the % is part of some encoding or is just a regular character. You can circumvent the problem by mounting the webdav storage to a drive letter. As an alternative, you can create the vault locally and move afterwards the vault folder to your cloud storage.

Hello infeo,

thanks for you feedback. I changed my webdav setup and created a drive letter beforehand. Via this workaround I was able to create the vault without problems.

Last question: Is there an enhancement foreseen in the URL-encoding in one of the next Cryptomator versions in order to be able to directly create the vault without a workaround?

Thanks and BR,