Cryptomator unusable due to extremely slow delete (1file/s) and transfer (400kb/s)


I’m using the newest version of Cryptomator on my Windows 10 PC. The files are stored on my 1TB Onedrive, that I got with my Office 365 package. Locally, the files are stored on large Samsung SSD that I use exclusively for cloud services.

My vault is around 600gb in size. Since the local drive can only hold around 230Gb, I take the folder out of sync once I’m done filling it up and everything uploaded, and then set it to sync again - but on demand. This way my files are stored in the cloud and I’m having space again to add more backups.

Today I tried to add another 100Gb (Almost exclusively small files: PDFs, Documents, Pictures and lots of small programming resources) to the vault, but the write speed was at most 4mb/s, and frequently broke down to 200kb/s or less for a few minutes.

After many hours of copying, only around 20gb were transfered, about 25.000 files. Since I suspected that my vault was becoming to full to perform at an acceptable level, I decided to delete what had already transfered and put the backup on an external harddrive instead.

But now I have the problem that it deletes the files extremely slowly, with the speed being between 0.36 files/s and 1 file/s. And the files are maybe 1mb each! I can’t even delete the whole folder at once, since just the “discovering items” takes up ages. I delete files with shift+del so they don’t go to the recycle bin, which usually speeds things up considerately. It’s still discovering about 3 files per second only!

I’ve tried restarting the PC, restarting OneDrive, disabling OneDrive sync and googling the problem.

Does anyone know how to solve this? Right now my Vault seems too full to still work, but I can’t even delete part of it since it takes so long!

Edit: While I was waiting, I was scrolling through the “Help” forum, and I found a question asking about “what is dokany”. Some of the answers said that WebDAV was faster than Dokany on some systems. So I just tried opening my vault via WebDav. And wow is it fast all of a sudden! Deleting speed of the same folder went up from 1 file/s to 70 Files/s ! Folders that are locally available open almost instantly, transfering files to the vault seems to be 5 times faster on average now.

I don’t know why WebDav is so much faster, and I hope that there is no downside to using it. I’ll have to do some more reading. But so far, using WebDav seems to be a good workaround for my problem! Might help you too if you experience the same.

As far as I know, the OneDrive on-demand function doesn’t work under WebDav, it only works under Dokany. So it would be nice to see the speed issue resolved under Dokany.

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