Cryptomator tray icon broken, Linux Mint 21.0 Cinnamon

This is on a fresh install of Linux Mint 21.0 Cinnamon. Theme desktop is the default Mint-Y-Dark. (Tray icon was okay on previous Linux Mint 20.3)

Cryptomator version 1.6.16 (appimage-4100)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Move panel to vertical left.
  2. Set panel to auto-hide.
  3. Hover mouse to show and hide panel multiple times. Different “broken” look almost every time panel is showing.

Below is an example:

Thank you.

Still on Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.1 ‘Vega’ (Update today). :frowning:


Think it’s a Java-Problem, also only get a black square with jDownloader.
All versions (.deb, Flatpak …).

You may want to check out this sort of “main” Issue on GitHub about this:

I also posted this on the GitHub of Cryptomator and Linux Mint Cinnamon (I can only post two links here but you’ll find the other one within the one below):

To my very limited understanding, this issue has been around for a while now and keeping up with desktop environments (for this particular issue) seems unsustainable for the devs.