Cryptomator Translation to BRAZILIAN Portuguese

To improve on your Brazilian Portuguese translation I suggest:


Desencriptado with >>> Descriptografado
Encryptado with >>>> Criptografado

MiB/s with >>>> Mbps

Have a great day and thank you very much for the very nice software you came up with.

Im sure the developers and all the brazilian users would appreciate, if you have a look at this:

Portugese BR is at 83%


Dear Michael

I have reviewed and edited the Portuguese translations in POEditor. A contributor named Andre appears to be responsible for most of the work and he did very well. Brazilian Portuguese is very similar to Portugal Portuguese but we sometimes use slightly different terms for the same things. I would strongly urge Cryptomator to create a Portuguese (BR) option in order to use the translation I am suggesting. Not doing so you may end stuck with deficient translation to both versions.



I’m slightly confused. We already have the Portugese (BR) option in POEditor. Or do you mean something else?

This is the direct link (you have to be logged in):

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For some reason when you open the link it appears to be tied to the Portugal Portuguese and not to the Brazilian Portuguese. The reason I say this is because of the flag signalling the country.

On the first page you are even allowed to select Portuguese Brazil but after you enter your credentials one is routed to the Portugal Portuguese.

Check this printscreen and you will better understand.!AszTqa1QxiiDgZ4NpF2YfyGj5p-fcg

If the problem is only the flag then you can consider the translation I posted as good for Brazilian Portuguese.

Happy to assist you. Thank you

Hmmm, that’s weird. In my overview, you were only in the Portugal Portuguese as a contributor. I can see why it’s confusing from your screenshot, it doesn’t really make any sense. Could be a bug at POEditor.

I’ve added you manually to Brazilian Portuguese. Could you please try out the link again?

You have to join (select) every language you want to work with. If you want to ad more languages after you initially joined a project, just go to the main project page, select the languages you want to have in addition, and select “join this project” again.

Ok. Now I got into the Brazilian Portuguese and made a few improvements and finished off the few translations that were open. You are good with these files. Wish you success.