Cryptomator Speed VS Alternative (Browsing)


I’ve just started using encryption on my Google Drive. I’m copying everything into a vault on an external drive on my network and then Insync is backing it up to my google drive so that my whole Cryptomator encrypted vault is always up to date on Google Drive.

When I open Google Filestream (A virtual Google drive) on another machine to access these files, Explorer hangs for a few seconds between each folder I open. Is there a way to fix this? What could be the cause? Cyberduck and mountain duck are also very slow at accessing my files.

For comparison I did try out Boxcryptor the exact same way and there are no issues accessing folders this way, It is instantanious.

I prefer the way Cryptomator works with it’s vaults system but speed is key when I need something from my Google Drive archive from an offsite location. At the moment the only things stopping me from using Boxcryptor are that there are no thumbnails when browsing encrypted drives and that it’s not open source.

Any ideas why it’s slow to access my encrypted cloud files on Cryptomator but not on Boxcryptor?


When your operating system is windows, the following might interest you (and also us :wink:):

In short, the cause might be the technology to provide a virtual volume. Try WinFSP. And we would appreciate feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply.

And yes it’s windows ha :slight_smile:
I just installed WinFSP and selected FUSE as the Volume Type and it still hangs while accessing folders.

This is with the 1.6.0 alpha btw but it was hanging on the 1.5 versions too.