Cryptomator shows no sync-symbols

I’m new to Cryptomator and would like to use it on my desktop with OneDrive.
I’ve watched some videotutorials on Youtube and I have seen there, that the files all have these sync-symbols in the Cryptomator-drive (i mean the green symbol if the file is synchronized or the blue symbol if synchronization is in progress you have in OneDrive and Dropbox.)
How else would I see, if a file is synced? Even if i put a larger file in the cryptomator-drive and then take a look at the onedrive symbol on the botttom right, I dont see anything getting synced …
Can anybody help me?
Thank you!

Hey and welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Are you sure, that you put the vault folder (the folder with the name of the vault and a folder with the name d inside together with a file with the name masterkey.cryptomator and vault.cryptomator) inside the OneDrive sync folder?

thanks for your help. Ive found a way to make it work but still dont know, why it doesnt work the way I tried it:

  • I added a cryptomator safe (or whatever it is called in english) by choosing OneDrive from the List and specifing a subfolder then. → It doesnt appear in OneDrive as described above.
  • now I tried not choosing onedrive from the list but then choosing it manually. that worked…

Cryptomator checks if there is a folder named “OneDrive” in your user directory, then it will be offered as OneDrive option when creating or adding Va vault. One possibility that it does not sync is that you have set up the sync client once in this folder and then later took a different folder for the sync client. If you want to check this you can look which folder is selected in the sync client.