Cryptomator Release Upgrades

There was a recent post where someone had to go through the steps to upgrade an older vault to the next release and then after that upgrade the newly created vault to another release to get to current release level. I need to do the same for an older vault and I cannot seem to find what was a simple layout of
Rel 4 to Rel 6 - Use 1.x.x
Rel 6 to Rel 8 - Use 1.x.x

I can go to all the releases and try to figure out which ones are required but it would be nice to “stick” the release upgrade paths in a folder for reference. I have looked and tried searching but so far nothing has come up. Is there such a document? Also, it would be helpful to advise if the Dokan Library should be removed between release installs to cleanly upgrade older vaults - i.e. what steps should one follow to avoid missing a step and failing to upgrade a vault through multi-leaps to the latest release. Thanks