Cryptomator Randomly Saving Unencrypted Files To Phone Storage

Several times now I have found unencrypted files stored in the :arrow_forward: Internal Storage :arrow_forward: Android :arrow_forward: Media :arrow_forward: org.cryptomator :arrow_forward: decrypted folder. I just happen to find them by chance. I am not saving any of these unencrypted files to my phone storage myself. Why is Cryptomator randomly saving my unencrypted files to my phone storage without any indication to me that it is doing it? I do use the the Microsoft Files Workaround setting and from what I remember this has only happened with .docx and .xlsx files. TIA

This is required to edit office files using the Microsoft apps and the consequence if you activate the “Workaround opening Microsoft files” option. We tried to make that clear when you activate it

and also mentioned it in our docs Settings — Cryptomator 1.7.0 documentation

I’m not sure how we can make that more visible to the user.

If you’re interested in the technical reason behind, please have a look into the corresponding issue Opening files in microsoft apps still just read only · Issue #150 · cryptomator/android · GitHub

My apologies SailReal. I probably knew that at one point. I tried searching your forum for a solution but got no hits. I will try to remember to check your guide for further issues. Thanks so much for the quick reply!!

No problem, now it’s documented here too :slight_smile: