Cryptomator process gets stuck on macOS while locking the vault


I am creating a new vault on macOS 12.1 and copying about 300GB files in it using rsync. After copy completes, everything looks okay. But when I try to lock the vault, I get an error that the vault is busy. If I click on retry, the Cryptomator process ID goes in stuck state, and on the GUI next to the vault the progress is rotating. Then I get some processes like finder/terminal completely stuck on my Mac and I need to restart.

This is a fresh installation of macOS Monterey and fresh installation of Cryptomator 1.6.5. The issue doesn’t happen on vaults with small amount of data. I don’t use MacFUSE just WebDav.

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This is a known issue, see

Unfortunately, there is no known workaround except using MacFUSE. :slightly_frowning_face:

Using MacFUSE is not a good idea as it is not completely safe. It is touching the kernel of the operating system and can cause problems. Also it uses very old version of SSHFS.

Do you have any plan to find a solution without using MacFUSE?

Yes. In the longer run, we want to use Apples FileProvider extenstion.

We are working towards it, but currently there is no ETA for it.

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