Cryptomator & OneDrive - Installation impossible after change to new Android phone

Using Samsung’s “Smart Switch” these days I manged to move all apps, user files and settings on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra to the successor Galaxy S24 Utra successfully. However, in the attempt to get Cryptomator up and running on the new phone by linking the app to my OneDrive account I always get the same error message viz “Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten” (= An error occured). This error occurs irrespective of whether I choose “Neuen Tresor anlegen” (= create new vault) or “Bestehenden Tresor hinzufügen” (= add existing vault). In each case I only get that far where I enther my OneDrive user name. Upon clicking the next button the Microsoft page appears where I the login must be confirmed, this however for 2 - 3 seconds. Then the Microsoft login area vanishes and I am back to the initial Cryptomator start page.

Please note that I have a German setup, so I am not sure whether my translations above in brackets represent the text visible in an English setup. Any idea how to solve the problem?