Cryptomator -> OneDrive -> Formatting PC

Hey there,

I recently bought a Office 365 Personal subscription and want to use OneDrive to have an additional (online) backup for some sensitive files, e.g. Invoices, Personal Documents, etc.

I’ve installed Cryptomator and choosed “OneDrive” during the installation process.

From my understanding:

In order to store the sensitive files, I have to open the vault, copy the files into the vault and then it gets synced, then I can (force) lock the vault.

So far this is pretty easy, but what do I have to do when I want to re-install Windows? Since I’m fairly new to this, I don’t want to make a mistake and lose my vaults.

From what I see there is a file under: OneDrive -> FolderName -> masterkey.cryptomator and I assume I don’t even have to backup anything, since its in the cloud anyways?

So after formatting my PC I just have to install Cryptomator and then import that file?

Thank you very much!

Quite right.
You need to make sure first, that the OneDrive files are available local. Otherwise you can’t open the Masterkey file with Cryptomator.
But besides that you are right.
Install Cryptomator, sync your vault from OneDrive, open with Cryptomator. That’s it.


As addition to what @Michael has written, which as always is absolutely accurate :pray: :

I would never make my backup strategy dependent on just one cloud or program. Having offline local backups can you feel awesome in case of catastrophically failure, quite the opposite if you don’t have them :wink:.


Have the files on my local pc, on a NAS, a USB stick and in a cloud.

Thank you very much guys!

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