Cryptomator on Android - do you recommend it?

I am interested to use Cryptomator on my OP7 with Android 10, to encrypt pCloud. I am having several questions, hoping the community members would be able to help me:

1.a. lots of reviews on Google Play claim that multiple upload can crash and cancel the whole transfer, pointing “unknown error” - gotta love such error messages, the devs putting that on deserve a raise!
1.b. An user here on the forum pointed that fingerprint authentication opens two dialogs and only the second one responds to the authentication, the first one remains open and hence prevents further interaction with the phone. The respective user did not get any useful reply at the moment this message was written.
Q: is it common to have the Android App behaving in such frustrating ways?

2.a. Many times I am using third party software on Android to access files via WebDav (example is this app:
Q: is it possible to edit encrypted files on Android with third party apps, directly from the cloud, using webdav feature? For example, if I need to use the code editor to edit a file, or a photo editor to view or edit an image, is it possible? If yes, how?

3.a. As I never used Cryptomator before (and the Android version has no demo, but one has to pay and isn’t pennies), I would like to know your experience with the app and potential gray areas/warnings.
Q: Is it anything I should be aware of, in your experience, stuff that doesn’t work, customer support that is crap, failure to encrypt / decrypt which would make a mess in personal files? Or anything at all you would like to share an I didn’t think of?

Q: if one makes a donation (buy a license key) for desktop app, is it valid for the mobile app, or that one is a separate purchase?

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and provide meaningful answers. I am sure this will come in handy to many other new users.

1st of all: I’m not using the android app but the iOS app. So no I cannot give a recommendation from my own experience (but the iOS app fits my needs)

To answer some of your questions:

Regarding 1b) I’m sure it’s not. Otherwise a lot more people would have reported it. Although it’s not solved yet
I cannot say anything to 1a).

No. Because you need the encryption layer between your local files and the online files that you would connect to via WebDAV. And this layer is the Cryptomator app.

You can edit text files with the build in text editor. You can view photos (build in photo viewer) but you can not edit them.
Basically if you want to edit files with a third party app, you’ll have to share this file from Cryptomator to the app (Cryptomator will decrypt it), and push the edited file back to Cryptomator for local encryption and online storage

Well, customer support is this board, so I would say it’s quite ok :wink:.
Failures can happen to the best software (no software developer can exclude that), but I assume that if there actually would be one critical, there would be a lot of reports in this board.

No. The donation key is a donation to the (pay what you want) desktop version. You don’t have to donate if you don’t want to, and still can use the app with all its functions. The donation key supports the desktop app and enables the optical darkmode feature. The app price is a price for the (not free) app


Would i recommend Cryptomator for Android? - Absolutely yes

Do issues occasionally appear? Yes there are so many different versions,updates and variations of android it happens in most apps. Even google themselves are constantly patching their first party apps to work around new issues.

Would i recommend it to a Pcloud customer? - Only if the customer had tried webdav on pcloud first (Without cryptomator and was happy with its performance).
Based on personal experience id say look for another webdav provider for mobile vaults. If you get failed transfers or terrible speed with cryptomator mobile on pcloud, its very likely their webdav server.

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Just a small note:

Since is implemented, changes will be uploaded to the vault. This does not apply to microsoft office apps, read more:


Ah damn, I missed that. Thanks for clarifying.

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I agree with the answers above.

I’ve been using Cryptomator on a Pixel 1 and a Pixel 3 for over a year. I’ve never had a problem everything has worked flawlessly. I recommend it.

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I am using Cryptomator with pCloud. My use of Cryptomator on Android is fairly simple but so far I had no problems. I store a Word document with passwords plus few financial documents on pCloud encrypted by Cryptomator. I normally access and edit these documents on PC with Win 10 but, in order to be able to access my passwords when I may not have a laptop and WiFi available, I have installed Cryptomator on my Android phone. Android app, unlike the Win10 software does not let me edit the stored Word files but being able to read these documents on my phone is good enough for me