Cryptomator not usable without WebDAV or not listed cloud storages?

So far I’m a bit disapointed with the Andoid app.

It does not work as a storage provider for others. My bad, I found that this is a feature in development since a lot of years. Should have searched first.

But what I don’t understand is that I can’t get it working with not listed cloud storages like is accessible as a storage provider like Google Dive, but I can’t open an existing Cryptomator tresor there. When I try to open it from the Cryptomator app I can’t see as a storage provider. In other apps I can see it. In Cryptomator I just see the local file system. Is there a way?

If not you should put a warning in the Playstore that only dropbox, google drive, … and WebDAV is supported before buying the app. You don’t expect that when you know the desktop version.

Something like this Does the mobile apps differ in functionality from the desktop applications? should be visible in the Playstore description.

From their website:
Also, Sync does not support third-party transfer protocols such as WebDAV or FTP

So no. Without supporting a WebDAV connection, you can not use the android or iOS app with
Unless you can access your sync storage via the document provider, then use „local vault“ in cryptomator app to store the vault in your sync storage.

No, that wouldn’t work, it is the other way around. If we implement a document provider for the vaults, other apps like e.g. an PDF app can directly access the content of the vault. It will not help to integrate further clouds.

To access a cloud we have three options:

  1. It supports WebDAV
  2. It provides an API which we implement like Dropbox, GDrive etc
  3. It provides an document provider which can then be used via our “Local storage” connection to access it.

Does the app provide an document provider? If so you can add it via “Local storage” connection.

If you summarize, it is the other way around: The Android app can connect to a ton of clouds via WebDAV, a few directly via S3 and their API and every cloud that integrates itself into the phone via document provider or local storage. The desktop app on the other hand does only support local storage.

I just had a look in the PlayStation and there is a description that this app is compatible with Dropbox, googledrive, OneDrive and S3-and WebDAV based cloud providers.
And local storage for all providers which integrates in your files app.

Did you mean that?

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Actually, you see this in the Playstore.

With Cryptomator, the key to your data is in your hands. Cryptomator encrypts your data quickly and easily. Afterwards you upload them protected to your favorite cloud service.

The part you quoted is in the details when you open the full description. And you don’t expect that when you’re using th desktop version. You can say too that one should have read the faq before. Both is correct. I never said anyone did something bad. I just pointed out that it’s very easy to not see like it is now.

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I’m not 100% sure if I use and understand the document provider right. But I can save and read things via a file browser in In the save way I can see Google Drive in the file browser. I can save backup files from other apps there too.

Just Cryptomator can’t see it in the file browser when chosing an existing tresor (and also not Google Drive).That’s why I’m asking. :slight_smile:

edit: sorry, I quotes the wrong part, now corrected.
Sorry, I mean what you said. I did phrase it bad. I meant that I can use it to save things there from other apps like you can do .e.g with Google Drive (just as an example, I don’t want to use Google Drive).

This is what I expected too. I Want to access via local storage option. But 3. seems not to work or I’m too stupid. That’s why I’m asking. :slight_smile:

I really don’t want to do any hairsplitting or argue. I only thought it’s worth to mention that as a user it’s easy to overlook this information in the Playstore. I don’t say that you do anything wrong.

I’m even fine to spend the money even when it seems that I can’t use it at the moment. I see it as a donation.

Yes I think it does. In other apps I see it in the file browser below Google Drive.

If you click on

  1. +
  2. Create vault
  3. Local storage
  4. +
  5. Hamburger menu (three horizontal lines on top of each other)

It does not show up in the list on the left side?

We’ll discuss it, thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

We are of course always happy to get support but of course also offer a refund if it doesn’t fit your needs.

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That’s the problem. I can’t see the hamburger menu. In file dialogs (sorry if it’s the wrong term) from other apps I see the hamburger menu directly left to the current folder name at the top and from this hamburger menu I see Google Drive and .

Sound good. It’s was honestly just meant as a hint to prevent frustation.

As said the desktop app is great and I like to support further development anyhow. I have bought the app some time ago but just got around to have a deeper look today. It’s fine in all cases even when the Android app currently does not work how I want. doesn’t provide 3rd party API nor providing WebDAV for users. It’s pretty concrete that it won’t be supported by Cryptomator mobile (iOS/android) or any other encryption software. I once used sync 2tb too but moved on to box to use with Boxcryptor , now a happy user of Cryptomator :slight_smile:

An unbelievable posting, really.

I also constantly complain at the gas station that my car just does not support electricity as fuel and why the gas station cannot get this to work!

Please read the posts again. It’s about using local storage inside other storage providers that that can be seen and used by other apps. Only Cryptomator can’t see them it seems. That’s the problem.

Ok.:thinking: Have you read the thread? I’m not interested in conflicts. I think you might understand something wrong? I don’t understand how someone could get in that mood reading the posts here?

@SailReal May I ask if you can reproduce it? You don’t need to check it.It’s the same with Google Drive for example. Step 5. does not work.

Yes I can reproduce and also explain the technical reason for it:

Android works with intents when using system services. For example, there is the ACTION_CALL intent, which would make a phone call using the phone app. In the direction of storage, we use three intents that belong to Android’s StorageAccessFramework: ACTION_CREATE_DOCUMENT, ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE and ACTION_GET_CONTENT.

With ACTION_CREATE_DOCUMENT we create a file on the device. With ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE we create multiple files/folders on the device or create local storage cloud connections. ACTION_GET_CONTENT loads a file into the vault.

ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE is not implemented by all applications, such as Google Drive. You can see this because when you export a file, you can select Google Drive. However, when you export a folder, you cannot select Google Drive. There ACTION_OPEN_DOCUMENT_TREE intent is used as well.

Unfortunately, as far as I know there’s nothing we can do about this, because if apps don’t offer this feature, we (and other apps) can’t use it either.

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Yes i did. it’s how implemented their mobile app, it restricts cryptomator(or any other app) from seeing it. Not cryptomator’s issue.

Thanks for explaining the problem. What a pity. :slight_smile: It could be so great to store and open your cryptormator via local storage in 3rd party cloud storages.

I don’t see Webdav as an alternative to this, it has too many disadvantages compared to modern sync clients.

I’ll have to find another way to sync securely to my android. Still happy to support your project.

It is a bit offtopic for the thread but I personally highly recommend

  • if you need a cloud: Nextcloud and encrypt your files with Cryptomator. Sure here it is WebDAV used as well but Nextcloud did implement the protocol very well.
  • if you just want to sync: Use Syncthing to sync the vault.

I personally use both :slight_smile:

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It’s not offtopic.It’s great to hear recommendations! :slight_smile:

Syncthing is on my todo list to check. So far I could not find the energy to go though setting it up but I should do it. I usually like to understand the tech 100% to prevent unsecure configs. Good to hear that you recommend it. I will finally have a look at the weekend :slight_smile:

Nextcloud and Webdav on the other hand seems work great for some folks, but I don’t have the best experience with Webdav and I don’t have the resources time-wise to administrate (2fa, updates) and configure an Nextcloud installation securely. Most hosters that offer Nextcloud doesn’t look too professional to me and I had really bad experience with Owncloud some years back. I like to outsource cloud administration to a trusted party and don’t mind paying for it.