Cryptomator not showing some of my folders in the vault


I just noticed that some of my folders inside the vault are not visible. I am not past those folders as I am getting an error that folder already exists. I am able to see those folders on Android app. So look like folders exist in the vault but not visible/synced in the desktop application. Below my environment details:
OS: Ubuntu 19.04 64 bits.
Cyrptomator: 1.4.7


Since no one else has replied, I’ll ask the obvious questions. Is there anything special about the folders? Start with a period “.” ? Different permissions or ownership than the other folders? Any special UTF characters in names?

Thank you for your reply.
The missing folder doesn’t have anything special in there name or permission. Two of the missing folder has the name ‘Letters’ and ‘Family’. I have not updated anything since long. My vault is in Google drive. I have a set of backup in my local file system not in the vault. Which I used to use for comparison from time to time.

Those folders use to be there in the past, they are still in the vault but somehow I am not able to see them from my desktop cryptomator app. I can see all of them from my Android app.

I have the exact same problems, I have different folders. But one of the folders are just completely gone, I can see all the folders on my IOS device so I believe that cryptomator can’t load the folder. I am running Ubuntu 18.04

We had several reports about missing folders using the iCloud. The easiest way to find out if its a problem of your cloud provider is the following.

  1. Create or edit in the missing folder a file.
  2. In the last recently updated view of your cloud provider you should see now the encrypted file, therefore also the folder containing the respective files.
  3. Check if on your other device also this folder exists (e.g. by using the search)

I ran into the same problem and still couldn’t find the file after edit the file,have you solve this problem?