Cryptomator not showing full 2TB Dropbox size, unable to copy over everything I want

Hello. I have a Dropbox cloud account of 2TB. However, my Cryptomator thinks I have only about 350GB storage. I have Dropbox set to online files only and even have the Dropbox files on a 2TB size HDD. Even though the HDD is not used for storing the files offline.

I don’t understand why this is the case. When I unlock my Cryptomator vault and look at my Windows explorer, it says under Network locations a storage space (FAT) of almost 350GB. Which is the Dropbox cloud storage folder. Which is practically full now, and I can not add more to it even though I should be able to because I have 2TB of cloud space.

How do I fix this? Dropbox shows 2TB just fine, it’s just cryptomator that somehow is mistaking the space there is. This blocks me from copying all files I can.

Cryptomator desktop does not connect to a cloud storage. It creates local encrypted files, that are synced with your storage via the storage app. In your case this is the Dropbox client. The free space shown in your vault is the free space of the local hd where your encrypted vault files are located. You can find the path to your vault under the vault name on the left side of the cryptomator app.

I just noticed the indication of the size is the exact size of my C: drive, which I only use for OS and the progams that won’t allow to be installed elsewhere.

Which is odd because the encrypted vault files (cryptomator master key etc… everything) are on my E: drive, which is 2TB HDD. It is not seeing that, it is refering to the size of the C drive. Is there any way that it will recognise the size of the E: and not of my C: drive? Somehow it is confused.

EDIT: Seems like I could also copy it in segments. It won’t actually mind if I copy a bigger size than the size it thinks it is if I do it in smaller segments.

Please check your volume type in settings.
If you only have the options „automatic“ and „WebDAV“, then you are experiencing this:

Please install WinFSP. Download and install manually, or run cryptomator setup again and install WinFSP together with cryptomator.

I will try that, thanks. I do see the WinFSP as option, but it wasn’t selected.

Edit: that did the trick, thanks!

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