Cryptomator JVM by Oracle?

Hello commuity,

I am newly using cryptomator (comming from Boxcryptor, Truecrypt, Veracrypt) approx. for 4 Months.

As I also struggle with the error message “Failed to launch JVM”, I want to know if Cryptomator in the using Oracles JVM? Is there a difference btw. the installer Version and the portable version?

Thanks for an answer, hope the question is not too stupid.


Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face:,

Cryptomator does not use the oracle JVM. It ships its own, stripped down JVM based on Eclipse Temurin. I cannot say a lot about the portable version, but it seems to be based on on the msi installer (at least there are references in the portable build script).

Many Thanks for the fest answer.