Cryptomator Issues In ARM Linux

Greetings all.
I installed cryptomator for my ARM Linux (Linux in an ARM Chromebook, aarch64).
It initially runs but gets stuck at the latter stages of trying to create a container (or open a previously created one).
Also, its shows problems in the location selector dialog box.
These problems were there in the earlier 1.8 version, so I couldn’t use it. I was excited to see a new version (1.9) only to realise the same problems were still there. I have used it in Windows for several years now without issues.
This is the first flatpak app I’ve ever installed but have been really disappointed with it (in addition to the very large data size of its accompanying files). I’m only using the flatpak version because the stenzel version (via ppa, which I would have preferred) apparently lacks the aarch64 version. Please help me with relevant pointers if there is still something I have not configured well regarding flatpak or cryptomator itself.
Many thanks.

Welcome to the Cryptomator Community :slightly_smiling_face: ,

you must be doing something wrong. According the package details of Cryptomator 1.9.1, an aarch64/arm64 version exists:

You are a veritable life saver. Thanks a million! This one works as well as I can see doing all it should as I expect (so far :blush:).

I simply put in the commands advised:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sebastian-stenzel/cryptomator
sudo apt update

It returned errors along the line which, when Googled, meant that the terminal did not see any version matching my config.

I’m hardly a guru in this; only dabbling in it because of my Chromebook, to fill in for situations where webapps and Android apps fall short.

Seriously, please how did you get to the place where the Deb file was? Knowing would help in future regarding updating this version and for other such similar cases that may crop up then.

In Ubuntus launchpad, you can view/inspect the published packages:

I cannot say why your systems did not find any packages. I think you have to adjust apt to show certain configs.