Cryptomator installation on Win10-64 pro fails

I used to use Cryptomator 1.14.15 on my old PC with Win7-64 home. Now I have changed to Win10-64 pro on a brandnew PC (Dell). Whenever I try to install Cryptomator 1.14.15-64 I got this error:

OS: Win10-64 pro
Version: 1809
Build: 17763.805
Codename: Redstone 5

Anyone an idea what goes wrong here?


That’s very strange. I run Win 10 Pro x86-64 and never had a problem with the installation. Did you try forcing the installer to run as Administrator?

Yes, I did run the installation «as administrator». Even when logged on as administrator.

Only things I could think of trying would be:

  • Disabling any anti-virus software (if you’re running one).
  • Perform a RESTART in Windows 10 and then trying again
  • Downloading the installer again just to confirm there were no issues with the installer itself.

Not necessarily in that specific order.

Otherwise… That’s an odd one.

Until now, I’m just running «Windows Defender» that comes along with Windows 10.

In the meantime I was able to solve the problem and installed Cryptomator 1.14.15.

To find out what was preventing the installation, I stopped all running programms from Startup or otherwise running (PortableApps …) - to no avail. Then I removed all plugged in USB devices as printer, memory sticks, external USB-HDDs. Since I remove those always over «save remove button» down in the task bar, from one external HDD I got the message it can not be removed, it’s in use by some (unnamed) program.
So I powered down my PC, unplugged the USB-HDD and repowered.

After that I was able to install Cryptomator as it should be and reactivated even the encrypted Cryptomator-folder from my old NB inside the Dropbox folder located also on the same external USB-HDD.
Obviously this USB-HDD (or the Cryptomator folder on it) was the source for the trouble.

This is somehow strange, since I could access the data stored on this HDD (lots of pictures) before and after the installation with no errors at all.

Very strange!

Thanks for updating with how you resolved this for yourself!