Cryptomator in IceDrive

Is there a possibility to link a vault in IceDrive?

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According to their docs IceDrive does support WebDav so yes, it is compatible:

If you create a new cloud connection with the following URL and your credentials you should be fine:

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I’ve been able to create a vault with the Android app on icedrive via webdav (ive tested on 1.50beta2), and its accessible from the desktop. However I can not create vaults from the desktop release candidates via webdav or the windows client.

I Haven’t spent much time on it, as i only picked up an icedrive account yesterday on the Sumo deal. 2 possible issues that i think is affecting creating vaults from desktop.

Icedrive’s webdav will not let you create an empty 0byte file. - the file just vanishes or gives access denied error. - Cryptomator fails on vault creation with “read only file system” - so i’m presuming as part of the file length test a 0 byte file might be created???

Possibly does not support the max length of vault format 7? Yet to confirm.

Cryptomator doesn’t create 0-byte files (in the ciphertext directory), so this is not the problem.

The problem isn’t caused by the cloud service, but rather by Windows’ WebDAV-Client, which doesn’t support long paths that can occur with vault format 7.

I’ll write a detailed support article on this issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hereby confirmed, however not the server’s fault. :wink:

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However only paid plans at IceDrive currently support WebDav - there is no support in the free account

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